January 11, 2009

My eHow Challenge

Around the first of December, I decided to get my feet wet in this eHow challenge. At first, I have to admit, I thought there is no way I could write half as many articles as some have on there. I just knew there were not enough "how to" articles in my little brain, but I decided to take the plunge anyway.

What attracted me the most was, of course, the Residual Income. Nothing is better than doing some work and continuing to get paid for an article for years down the road. So I started on the adventure and ended up with approximately 50 articles by the end of the month. Apparently, I had more in my head than what I gave myself credit for. I was so proud of myself, not to mention the fact that I made $15 doing it. I know that's not much, but from here on out I will continue to get paid for those 50 articles. Eventually, I will be paid beyond the amount I could have made writing one article for a company that pays me per piece or word.

Now since the beginning of January, I have only added approximately 13 more articles. With the holidays and all I was slacking. But my profit is already at $12.63 for this month, and today is just the 11th. So I am almost at the same amount I was for the entire month of December, and it has taken me half the amount of time to get there. I firmly believe in goals, and I have set a goal of 50 more articles for this month. Yes, I know. I need to get to work or I won't make it. Anyway, if you are a blogger or write articles of any type, then you can definitely write eHow articles. Of course, since I have started I have learned several key factors in making my articles better. I will share some of these with you later on in other post. For now, check out my profile and let me know what you think about my articles.


John said...

Good post.

I also write for ehow but recently I started putting my articles on another site called firehow.com.

Its the same concept as ehow and now im earning more money.

Look me up if you join, my profile is http://www.firehow.com/View-user-profile.html?user=83


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