January 19, 2009

Finding Out All Types of Information

As many of you know, my article writing days are getting a little better. My eHow earnings are growing daily and mainly because of some help I have been contributing to them. I have been reading all types of info from other peoples blogs, ebooks and forums.

One of the key factors I have found to writing is using keywords. I do this by using Google Adwords: Keyword Tool and Wordtacker's Free Keyword Tool. Yes, it takes time to research your keywords, but it has been paying off since I have started to implement this great feature. Apparently, the keywords is what gets the articles higher in the search engines. Everyone knows the higher you are on search results, the likely your article is to be read. This increases your chance for someone to click on your ads and earn you money. This is a good thing and should be something you take the time to do.

Now another great contribution to your articles would be telling everyone about them What better way than social networking. I was introduced to this site by a friend of mine. It has turned out to be a wonderful way to draw more traffic to my articles. It is called Xomba. The way I have been using this social network site, Xomba, has been by using the blurbs option. I write a small introduction to one of my eHow articles and enter the link, then submit. This draws more people to read my articles, but that's not all. I signed up for a Google Adsense account and entered my adsense info into my Xomba profile so I could get paid for the advertisements listed on my blurbs. So, I am benefiting two ways from my Xomba, isn't that great?



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